Squad and Kata Training

Junior squad training – invitation only (let Lynda, Lorraine or Luke know if you can not be there)(£1.00 mat fee)

Kata practise – session open to all seniors and non-squad juniors of Blue Belt (14and over)and above (£2.00 mat fee)

If you want to practise Nage-no-kata and/or Katame-no-kata for your next grading please come along with your Uki – if you get stuck I will be available to help but I would like to start introducing judoka to other lesser practised katas.

Please arrive before 10.15 so we can help get the mat’s down and bring soft shoes so if the Junior Squad members need more  space we can do some work off the mat area)

Please let Sandra know if you want to come along as our space is limited, or if you have any questions.