In Kensetsu-waza Tori must protect uke’s shoulder whilst using hands and/or legs to apply painful pressure to the elbow joint.

The elbow is :

  • Straight for a  Gatame form of armlock
  •  Bent at 900  for a Garame/garami form of armlock


  1. (ude-hishigi)_Juji-gatame_ cross armlock
  2. Ude-garame_ entangled armlock
  3. Ude-gatame_ straight arm lock, hands apply pressure above and below the elbow with a slight twist.
  4. Waki-gatame­_ with uke face down use the armpit to control uke’s shoulder
  5. Ashi-momo ude-gatame­_ from a kesa-gatame position apply pressure to the wrist of a straight arm either using the foot or a hand.
  6. Ashi-momo ude-garami– from a migi-kesa-gatame position use the R-leg to entangle the bent R-arm.
  7. Hiza-gatame_ tori uses a knee to apply pressure to a straight arm
  8. Ashi-gatame_ tori wraps a leg around uke’s straight arm, tucking his/her foot under uke’s chin
  9. Sangaku-gatame _ tori contols uke’s shoulders with crossed legs.

Some kensetsu-waza’s can be applied in a standing position, but must not be used to unbalance or throw uke.

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