Performing Nage-no-Kata


  • Kata can be thought of as a story which explains why different techniques have to be learnt, and when they can be used.

  • Uki should nearly always have it in mind that she has to complete 3 steps, usually, but not always tsuki-ashi style.

  • Although uki usually initiates the attack, tori must consider the best working distance each particular technique to be most effective.




Rei if stepping onto the mat

  • Come to 3 mat lengths apart (18 foot), turn and tachi-rei to joseki.

  • Face each other and Kneel, za-rei to each other.

  • Stand and both take a step towards each other, starting with left foot.

  • Pause then tori commences walk towards uki.

To finish

Having returned to kata working distance and tidied gi, turn to face

  • Both take a step back (left foot).

  • Kneel and perform za-rei.

  • Stand turn to face joseki and tachi-rei

  • If leaving tatami, walk to edge and rei.



Uki-otoshiUki grips normal grip and pushes to unbalance tori

Tori gives way

-2 tsugi-ashi to regain balance and unbalance uki

Drops onto L knee – facing joseki.Rolling break fall. Tori waits for uki to stand and follows to edge of kata area.
Kata-seoiUki stands from last throw and stepping L then R tries to punch down on tori’s headTori s-blocks as turns in and underThrows by straightening knees and dropping shoulderUki should fall directly along line of Kata
Kata gurumaUki reverts to normal grip and push

2 tsuki-ashi,

– on 2nd step tori changes grip to inside sleeve to lift uki

Tori throws by dropping his shoulder into uki’s groin, as cuddles uki’s thighTori brings her left leg to right to make uki’s fall easier.




L. Uki-goshiUki steps L then R as punches down to tori’s head, but holding back more and left hand positioned to block kata seoiTori steps inside uki’s attack Uki aims to fall along line of Kata
Harai-goshiUki reverts to normal grip and pushes. Holds back more than in first set.

2 tsuki-ashi,

on 2nd step tori places hand round uki’s waist, hand flat to ease uki forward

Very upright stance and deliberate sweep 
Tsuri-komi-goshiUki again takes normal grip and push. Uki is stiffer, more resistant.Tori takes a higher grip, on second step is lifting uki onto toesAs uki takes 3rd step, tori steppes back with L, but then steps across between them with R 




Okuri-ashi-baraiUki may step to face joseki, forcing tori to turn as wellUki tries to unbalance tori by making her step sidewaysTori must not overtake uki, sweeps with a strong movementUki must break fall with correct arm
Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashiUki again takes normal grip and push, faster2 tsuki-ashi but having completed 2nd, tori steps to side so is facing joseki asplaces L sole of foot on front of uki’s ankle to block uki’s third stepUki should feel as if doing somersault NOT turning onto side.
Uchi-mataUki instead of walking to edge of mat stands and faces Tori in middle of matAs uki comes to face, she takes a high grip as steps forward with right foot, instead of retreating tori also steps forward as takes high holdTori pulls uki round still tsuki-ashi but circular fashion, working uki onto her hip. Uki must make good attempt at third step.Tori must remain strong.




Tomoe-nageUki instead of waiting placidly at edge of mat comes to meet tori in middle.Tori initiates attack by gripping and taking ½ step back (L), uki resists so tori makes her walk back in ayumi-ashi (Tori R foot first)On 2nd step, tori changes grip to both lapels. On third step uki pushes back

Tori drops under to throw.


Uki rises directly to feet after ukemi.

Ura-nageUki again steps L then R as tries to punch down to tori’s head.Tori steps inside attack, to grasp uki’s torso and throw uki over her head.Tori should be shoulders on floor with arched backUki pauses on floor as if winded.
Sumi-gaeshiDeep under arm non-grip, stepping forward with R, cheek to cheek

Tori steps back with R foot then brings L foot to R (tsugi-ashi).


Uki steps ayumi-ashi.

As uki takes 3rd step tori throws. Uki travels diagonally over tori’s body, passes tori’s left ear.Uki may want to free her arm on 2nd step. Uki does R chugeri



Yoko- sutemi-waza

Yoko-gakeUki reverts to normal grip and push.Tori whilst keeping her hips square to line of kata, by applying lock to uki’s out stretched arm turns uki’s back to josekithen sweeps through both feet as throws self to ground.Tori lands on side, then waits for uki to stand
Yoko-gurumaStarts as for ura-nageBut uki, to avoid being thrown drapes her self over tori.Tori changes the direction of the throw. Tori remains on back with both feet firmly planted on groundUki stays down
Uki-wazaTori initiates attack, stepping forward into upright jigotai. Deep under arm non grip,Rolling motion, tori take big step back then as if falling onto sideThrows uki over out stretched leg. 

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