Etiquette and Training

Showing respect –  As Sensei John posted on Facebook (2014)

Simple Lessons to supplement practical Judo Training – Lee Palmer (2010)

What makes a good coachLee Palmer (2010)

Lee Palmer‘s Suggestions for making training fun (2010) –

Teaching Judo and Dyspraxia by Lorraine Hewes (2009)

Dyspraxia is reported as affecting 1 in 10 children. Instructors might find that by considering how their teaching methods could be modified to make it easier for dyspaxic children to learn judo that all their students, both juniors and seniors might benefit.

More Mokuso at Blackwater Judo Club by Sandra Walker (2008)

What is Randori? by Sandra Walker (2007)

Sensei’s Mokuso 2004   by Sensei John Pegram 6th Dan ( ed by Sandra Walker 2013)








Promoting Judo spirit and practice in the community