Bullying and CP

For Blackwater JC’s Policy statements on Bullying and Child Protection visit our  Health and Safety Page

Junior and Senior Judoka who are working towards their first level instructor awards (AJI and ACI) are asked to reflect on how issues surrounding bullying might affect others

Bullying by Michael Kelly  (2008 – ACI)

Bullying in Sport by Lorraine Hewes ( 2008 – ACI)

Lynda’s Essay on Bullying -2009 by Lynda Morris (2009- ACI)

Bullying and Harassment by Lee Palmer (2009- ACI)

Sam’s Thoughts on Bullying by Sam Harrington (2010- ACI)

Why do People Bully?Alex Mashadi (2010- ACI)

Personal Observations on  Bullying by Barney Britton (2013- ACI)

BULLYING by Simon Carter (2012- ACI)


Junior Judoka’s thoughts on bullying;

Megan’s thoughts on Bullying (Megan Harrington 2014)

Owen on Bullying  by Owen Young (2013 )

Thoughts on Bullying by Laura Smith  ( 2013)

 Forms of Bullying by Harry Young (2013)

Emily’s View of Bullying Emily Morris (2013 – AJI)

Robert’s Essay on Bullying  Robert Mashadi (2011)




Thoughts on Child Protection

Guidelines of the Foundation Class Sam Harrington (2012)

Promoting Judo spirit and practice in the community