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Do you enjoy explaining how judoka could improve their Judo?

Blackwater JC  needs people like you (although it is accepted that not all judoka enjoy teaching):

Blackwater’s coaching path has several steps to build an instructor’s confidence.  At each stage you will be supported by more experienced coaches.
  • SENIOR 3rd Kyu’s  who regularly work alongside Senior coaches can start their coaching careers as an Assistant Club Instructor.
  • SENIOR 2nd Kyu’s who will have more experience and be expected to show greater confidence in Instructing can be Senior Club Instructor. They will have gained teaching experience by already acting as an ACI.
  • SENIOR 1st Kyu’s can start on their coaching pathway as a (Blackwater) Club Coach. They will have gained teaching experience by already acting as a SCI.
  • DAN GRADES  can progress to become a Senior Club Coachit is accepted that not all Black Belts want the responsibility of coaching but as most enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience it is advisable to consider how to teach safely and to have that ability recognised.

All Instructor and Coaching grades are discretionary awards; promotion to any level is by recommendation and requires the agreement of a majority of Blackwater Dan Grades.

Any queries should be addressed to Sensei John, Sensei Sandra or Sensei Sam

Queries about coaching can be posted on The Official Blackwater Judo Club Facebook page

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