Itsutsu-no-kata (2009)

Itsutsu-no-Kata was introduced into Judo in 1887 by the Founder and Master of Kodokan Judo, Dr Jigaro Kano (1860/1938).

Its introduction from his previous Martial Arts experience was inspired by his fascination with the forms found in nature. He came up with five Forms, of expressing natural forces, through Judo.

None of his Forms have names, but they encompass the fundamental principal of Judo.

1st Technique – Expresses the principal that a weak force can control a greater force with ease, through the carrying out of a logical, continuous attack.

2nd Technique – Shows the principal of a greater power being controlled by the utilisation of that force.

3rd Technique – Shows that the centre of a whirlpool can engulf its outer rim. If you find yourself being dragged around in a circle by a larger force, it is possible to throw the larger force by taking the centre of the circle.

4th Technique – Expresses the principal of the tide beating on the shore, engulfing everything that flows in, and out.

5th Technique – Demonstrates the principal of nothing ventured, nothing gained. When confronted by a huge force, it is sometimes better to throw yourself right into it.

Joe Norman – All England Judo Federation – 15th August 2006

click here for further details on performing Itsutsu-no-kata

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