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AS OF JANUARY 2018, the Foundation group has been merged into the main junior session but identified as under 8 by their belt colour. However the rule for safety reasons  Blackwater Judo is unable to take children under 6 remains. 

The Blackwater Foundation Group uses its own syllabus to teach Judo’s core skills to children of Primary School age  (between 6 and 10). As Foundation judoka progress they are assessed and gain certificates to show their progress through the Foundation koka, yuko and waza-ari levels.

  • Children starting judo before they enter Year 6  of school will begin in the Foundation Group.
  • Judoka starting when in Year 6 can choose whether to join the Foundation or  Junior section. For safety reasons it is suggested they have at least a few lessons with the Foundation Group. Once they understand basic etiquette, how to breakfall and have their own gi (judo clothes) then the decision can be taken whether to continue with the Foundation Group or join the Junior mat.
  • Juniors who are in Year 7 of school will start on the Junior Mat.

The judo belt (obi) is worn to keep the  jacket neat and tidy; it also  indicates to other judoka how skillful someone is. The colour of the belt indicates what level of experience and skill an instructor can expect; the higher the colour  the more an instructor will expect.  Judoka wearing White on their belt are looked after; Black belts are expected to look after themselves.

  • A Green and White horizontally striped belt (G&W’s)  an under 6.
  • judoka under 8 but over 6 wear a Red and White horizontally striped Belt (R&W’s).
  • At age 8, judoka swop their R&W belt for a Blue and White horizontally striped Belt (B&W’s).
  • Over age 8 Foundation judoka are assessed for progress to the Junior mat. 

Judoka who have completed all levels of the Foundation grading syllabus gain a  Red (Ippon) Belt which they wear on the Junior mat.

Foundation Judoka under 10 who  regularly show exceptional confidence, concentration and commitment may be invited to move across to the Junior mat even though they have not been graded to Ippon level. They wear a White belt with Red Tab and will be graded and treated as a Junior Judoka


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