What Do The Badges Mean?

This coaching award system establishes a stepping-stone path for judoka who are interested in the way of judo and want to pass on their knowledge.

The grading syllabus and coaching awards reflect the fact that coaching and judo knowledge goes hand in hand. The belt colour indicates the minimum level of judo technical knowledge that is required for a specific coaching level. A technical grade (belt colour) must have been held for at least one month before starting the instructor / coaching assessment. All judoka must satisfy Sensei and other senior club coaches that they are competent in all areas of the relevant syllabus before an award can be made.

A Brief Break Down of the Awards and Required Competencies.

 Junior Instructors and Assistants has two stages.

Juniors under Blue  Belt may be asked to help teach but they will not have sufficient experience to start instructing till they have reached Blue belt level and often will need to be over 14 to start on the Coaching pathway. They must be prepared to set a good example to other judoka.

  Assistant Junior Instructor (AJI) – will be expected to help a more senior grade to teach specific techniques but will always be closely supervised.

Junior Instructors (JI) will be expected to show some initiative and must be prepared to go out of their way to help other judoka in their training but they will always be supervised.

Senior Coaching Awards.

There are  4 levels. The first two are for instructors, the higher two for coaches. Coaches should understand the difference between Coaching and instructing.

One of the roles of a coach is to ensure that all judoka have the opportunity to progress to their full potential.

Senior Club Coach – you will be the voice of Blackwater Judo Club in Sensei’s absence.

Club Coach (CC)Dan grades who do not attend other clubs or other external judo events should be gaining confidence in coaching techniques to improve their teaching abilities.

Senior Instructors and Assistants should be guided by coaches as to what techniques judoka need to learn

Senior Club Instructor (SCI)- will be at least 2nd Kyu and an Assistant Club Instructor. SCI’s will be expected to teach basic judo techniques without too much supervision

 Assistant Club Instructor (ACI)- will be expected to teach specific techniques to small groups of judoka under supervision. An ACI will be at least a Senior Green Belt.


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