Time Keepers and Recorders

You do not have to compete to play a useful role at a judo competition. Whether you are a judoka or not you can be a Blackwater Mat Official or an Event Organiser.

It is vital that judoka who do not fight in competitions (for whatever reason) should take every available opportunity to act as Time Keeper or Recorder. It gives them a better understanding of what goes on in a contest rather than just being a spectator. It is also useful preparation for the day when they might be encouraged to become a referee.

Many parents or partners who have never stepped onto the tatami take the opportunity to become more involved in Judo by acting as a Time Keeper or Recorder, for more information of what this involves click on  General Guidelines for Time Keepers and Recorders

Or for more detailed information of what Novice and Club Timekeepers and Recorders need to know

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