Junior Instructors

Juniors, could you help teach Judo?

Sensei John is looking for Junior Judoka to work towards their  Junior Instructors or Assistant Junior Instructor badges.

  • If you are 14 or over and wear a Blue belt you could be an Assistant Junior Instructor.
  • If you are a Brown Belt who has completed the AJI level  you could be a  Junior instructor.
  • If you are under 14, whether or not you are a Blue Belt you can start helping others learn (regular commitment to teaching maybe rewarded with a merit badge )- but younger and lower grades are advised to focus on their own judo experiences and knowledge before helping to teach others.

All judoka can think about how best they can help their partners. The simplest way is to be a good uke – understand when  and how to allow a technique to be practiced, eg at its simplest when to go with the technique and when to resist.

Green belts should be starting to spend some time assisting Seniors to instruct, listening to what is being said and watching to see why Judoka might struggle with a technique.

Teaching/instructing/coaching is not for everyone but Junior Brown Belts who hope to wear a full Black Belt should have had some teaching experience.

Instructing is not about showing how much you know, it is about helping others to improve;

  • knowing when to speak out and when to keep quiet
  • when to stand back watching and when to step in to give advice.

Speak to any Dan grade if you are interested in working alongside an Instructor to gain experience of teaching judo.

Promoting Judo spirit and practice in the community