• Christmas party 2007
2010 Xmas Party

Christmas party for club members at the West Maldon Community Centre

Maldon Carnival Aug 2010

Carnival procession at Maldon, Essex. Great time had by all. Thanks to Rose and Brooklyn from Kyu-Shin-Kan for taking part with us.

Club Grading May 2010

First club grading for 2010

Kenya April 2010

Robert Whiteman Origionally went for 2 weeks to the kids orphanage as a volunteer in karudas sponsored in part by Blackwater Judo Club. Stayed extra 11 days because of Icelandic volcano issue For the smaller kids the group set up a sports camp for 5 days which included many different sports activities and somethin like drawing for inside. During the week we gave them sweet bags and everything. A few people on the building team redid a whole building on the camp redecorating taking out a bathroom making it look all new. For the week after we went to the older boys home and basicly did the same but to a more competitive level mainly playing football. At the end of the week we gave each person their own new bedding and such. As I said above we went out to kenya to help with building work there improve their lives bringing teams out there to give the kids something as they obvioulsy have very little.

First class of 2010

First class of 2010 being taught by Sensei John Pegram's daughter back for Christmas from her home in Thailand.

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