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Well done Blackwater judoka, you made a difference Izzy is now walking and hoping to start judo

Friends of Izzy

Firstly let me start by introducing myself, my name is Shirley, or as I am becoming known Auntie Shirley, I set up a fund raising group back in May this year called the Friends of Izzy.   Izzy is my cousin’s grand-daughter whom, as a result of a long traumatic child birth suffers from Cerebral Palsy.  Izzy is 5 now and for this operation to be 100 percent  successful  it has to be done before she is 6 years old. After this the percentage of success drops

In May her mother Natasha paid me a visit, and told me about a pioneering operation that Izzy could have, to help her walk un-aided.  But this operation comes at a cost of course. The operation is done at the Frenchay Hospital in Dr K Aquillina,  It is known as an SDR operation, (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy), and involves a complicated procedure of cutting the nerves in her spine which they do by removing park of one of her discs, by doing this they will be able to teach Izzy to walk all over again. But this time correctly. By doing this operation on children with Cerebral Palsy, the government could save themselves a million pound per sufferer, in the long term however,  the English government will not give permission for the operation to be done here on the NHS although, if they did they would save them  millions of pounds.

By Fund raising we are trying to help Izzy walk un-aided and give her a chance to do all the things her friends can do, things we all take for granted, things our children do every day.

Make Izzys  Dream of being able to dance come true.

Ms. Shirley Hume

(Founder of Friends of Izzy)

Charity no: 1140837

2013 congratulations to Izzy and her family. Izzy has now had her operation and is taking steps towards leading a full and active life. We look forward to welcoming her into the dojo as a junior judoka.

Young Ones Trust

We are a newly registered charity, who are fully committed to raising funds for those children less fortunate than most. We work with social services across the country and hope with your help to make a difference to their lives, whether it be a car harness for safety, to a well deserved respite break for those who sadly will not have the future we all expect for our children.

As we have already mentioned we are a newly registered charity backed by a great team with varying experience and knowledge in a wide range of abilities. All determined to make a difference to the lives less fortunate than ours.

You can help us to make the difference, donate as you see fit, any offer will be gratefully received, accepted and put to excellent use. We take very seriously the amount of wastage and over heads that can sometimes make a big hole the the generosity of others.

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6-8 Sevenways Parade, Woodford Avenue, Gants Hill, Ilford, IG2 6XH

Telephone Number: 020 8220 4030

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