Histories of Judo

Juniors and Seniors who are interested in assisting with Instructing should have some thoughts on Judo History. That may be a traditional History of Judo or a personal reflection on their own path; it may be a few words jotted down quickly, it may be a long carefully crafted essay or something in between.

Two Brief Histories of British Judo by Sandra Walker (2009)

History of Judo by Lorraine Hewes (2008)

Lynda’s History of Judo -2009 by Lynda Morris (2009)

A Personal View of Judo for the over 40?s by Lee Palmer (2009)

Alex’s History of Judo by Alex Mashadi (2010)

A History of Judo by Simon Carter (2012)

Judo in Britain by Barney Britton  (2013)

Geoff’s History of Judo by Geoff Skewes (2013)

Dave Scott’s History of Judo (2014)


Histories submitted by Junior Judoka

A Judo History by Owen Young (2013)

Harry’s Judo History by Harry Young (2013)

My Blackwater Judo Club by Laura Smith (2013)

Robert’s History of Judo by Robert Mashadi (2011)

Sophia’s History of  Judo by Sophia Mashadi (2010)



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