Simple Exercises

Here are some simple exercises you can do at home to improve your fitness and flexibility.

Remember judo techniques stay in the dojo, at home you can best improve your judo by improving your fitness, stamina and flexibility.

Can you think of any other exercises you and your friends can do?

Always check with a parent that you are in a safe place to exercise and not likely to break anything!


  1. Stand still on one leg for at least 10 seconds, now try to do the same on the other leg.
  2. How long you can stand on each foot, can you balance better on one foot than the other?
  3.  While standing cross your feet and your arms, now sit down and stand up – can you manage at least 10 times?
  4.  Using the bottom step of your stairs (or a small stool) can you manage at least 10 step ups and step downs.
  5. Try it with your right foot leading then your left – is one way easier than the other?
  6. If you get down on the floor in a ‘press up’ position. Now bend your knees so you are ‘on all fours’. Raise your R arm straight out in front of you, and your left leg straight out behind you – like a lizard standing on hot sand. How long can you balance before falling over. Now try with your L arm out front and R leg out straight behind.


  1.  How long can you skip with a skipping rope?
  2. How far can you hop on your R foot? Now see if you can hop further on your L foot. Try each day to see if you can get further.

Watch this space, more exercises will be added later.

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