Getting started

Beginners are welcome any time

Interested then come along and watch a training session or join in.

Just give us some knowledge of your state of fitness. If you have any old injuries or medical conditions that might restrict your activities but would  like to try judo then talk to or email Sensei John and together a decision can be made as to whether it is possible for you to do judo.

Your first lesson will be how to break your fall, so when you do get thrown you will be pleasantly surprised that it does not hurt.

What does it cost
  • You pay a mat fee when you turn up for training.
  • You will need to take out Martial Arts Insurance, this can be arranged through the club – fill out a form and give us your money.
  • The first years membership and Insurance is £5.00, annual renewal is £5.00 (correct for 2013). Special rates for family membership.
  • Gradings are held twice a year; competitions and courses give club members the opportunity to meet and train with other judoka.
  • Social events are organised for young and not-so-young – attendance is not compulsory but recommended.
What to wear – this applies to all ages.

To start with you do not need any special clothing. Just wear loose fitting long trousers and a high necked, long sleeved loose fitting top;  clothing you can more around in easily and you don’t mind being pulled around – avoid anything with zips and/or  buttons and anything that might rip or tear easily. All jewellery must be removed.  Shoulder length hair should be secured with a soft elastic band – no metal or plastic slides or grips.

No special footwear is needed as judo is done in bare feet, so short nails are essential. A pair of soft slip-on shoes are useful to keep by the edge of the mat.  Judoka should not walk off the mat in bare feet as this can carry dirt onto the mat – not nice when your face will be coming into contact with the tatami (mat).

You will soon realise why judoka (people who do judo) wear white pyjamas (gi) – and that there is a difference between a judo-gi and the white pyjamas worn for other martial arts. Judo gi’s need to be made from much heavier weight materials otherwise they rip! For normal training at Blackwater JC (Maldon) only white gi’s are acceptable, only International competitors should wear Blue.

Once you are hooked Sensei can sell you a judo gi (thick white pyjamas). For modesty girls and women wear a long , white,  high-necked, short-sleeved tee-shirt under their jacket; boys do not.

6 thoughts on “Getting started”

  1. Stuart,

    I totally appreciate what you are saying as I have also encountered the style of Brazilian JJ which I agree is now more like cage fighting.

    You are most welcome to come along to the club unannounced on either a Saturday or Thursday.

    Saturday 9:30 until 10:30 at West Maldon Community Centre, Sunbury Way (off Limebrook Way), Maldon
    Thursday 19:15 until 20:30 at Blackwater Leisure Centre, Maldon

    We are open this Saturday but not Thursday as New Year’s day and the venue is closed.

    Kind regards

    John Pegram 5th Dan
    Club Sensei

  2. Hi Denise, I have sent you an email response direct from my personal email address.


    John Pegram

  3. Hi John,

    I have a 19 year lad with Learning disablities (moderate) and ADHD. He has done some judo and would love to get back into it. He can be a handful and alittle loud!! (but I would stay with him for the session and may even get back on the mat myself.


  4. Hi John,
    I have two young daughters who have expressed an interest in beginning Judo. I am interested in the 6 – 10 years beginners group. What day and time are these classes held? My eldest daughter is 7 but my younger daughter is not 6 until November. Would we have to wait until then before they could both start together? In the meantime could we come and observe a session?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi John
    My name is Charlie and I used to train with the club a very long time ago when I was young. I have just got back from being away for a long while and wanted to start up again, it does say try and come the first week of the month but I was wondering if it would be ok to come along tomorrow. I would count myself as a complete novice and would definitely want to start from the start again! also where do you meet now?
    Thanks Charlie

  6. Hi.
    I am interested for a place for my son, 7 years old. Please can you let us know if we can start judo lessons with you? Thank you very much.

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