Junior Gradings and Syllabus

For the current Junior syllabus go to Junior Syllabus 2014….

All Juniors will be graded by Sensei John Pegram in Maldon.

Any judoka who knows they will not be able to attend a grading session should speak to Sensei John before grading day.  He will try to grade them at a later date but  it is strongly recommended that every effort is made to ensure that all young judoka do grade with the rest of their class.

On the Junior mats Judoka wear coloured belts with tabs to  show their progression of knowledge and ability.

  • The sequence of belt color is Foundation green&white red& white, blue &white, then Junior white or red, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, brown/black, black.
  • The belt colour is an indicator of a judoka’s judo experience – nothing more. It is through their actions in the dojo that  a judoka shows their true ability.
  • For the benefit of instructors Juniors who have completed the full Foundation syllabus wear a Red belt, whilst older beginners who began in the Junior group start with a White belt.
  • Juniors are usually awarded up to 3 tabs to denote their progress towards the next coloured belt.
  • At Blackwater we believe that Juniors who have shown exceptional ability and commitment to their club  should be allowed to wear a Black Belt, however because of the responsibility and maturity we expect from our Junior Black Belts only those over 15 can wear a Full Black. Any Junior who completes all the technical requirements for Junior Black before their fifteenth birthday will wear a split brown/black belt until their fifteenth birthday – when they will be assessed for a Full Junior Black Belt.

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