Foundation Gradings

Foundation Gradings are held twice a year – at the Blackwater Community Centre and the Blackwater Leisure Centre – check  upcoming events

  • Blackwater’s  Foundation Syllabus is structured to give young judoka the opportunity to safely acquire basic judo skills.
  • Foundation Level Gradings are not about passing or failing; they give instructors and judoka an opportunity to recognise progress and to understand where a student is struggling.
  • Gradings can be nerve-racking so the Grading Officers  do their best to reduce stress levels praising students for what they can do and never criticism for what they can’t.

  • Judoka are best graded alongside their friends and so all can receive their new grades at the same time.  If your child can not attend their grading session please speak to Sensei Sam or Alex.

The Belt system used to indicate a judoka’s grade is different for Foundation, Junior and Seniors. Foundation  belts indicate a judoka’s age not judo experience; they receive certificates to mark their progress. During the year lessons are planned so that students have opportunities to learn everything they may need for their grading.

During Foundation Gradings, students maybe tested across the whole syllabus. This is because of how the Foundation group is taught and recognises that some students learn quicker than others. Sensei is looking for what is known and what needs to be worked on, points are awarded for how well each element in the syllabus is attempted;

  • 1 point is awarded if a student has to be shown what is required, but can then make a recognisable attempt
  • 2 points are awarded if the student only needs a little help
  • 3 points if the student needs no help

Scores are assessed so certificates showing  grade level can be issued during the following weeks.

Progressing from Foundation to Junior Sessions; Once a student is over age 8 (i.e. a B&W Belt) they will automatically be assessed as to when they are ready for the Junior Mat.

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