Kaeshi-Kata notes

Kaeshi-kata is a requirement for 1st Dans looking to grade up to 2nd Dan, and Juniors seeking a Full Junior Black Belt. It is expected that Juniors seeking their Junior Black Belt should have assisted at Senior Gradings as Uki.

Kaeshi-kata is also useful for learning about the principles that need to be applied when countering an opponent’s technique – so it should be taught to and practiced by all grades.

In addtion to Blackwater’s preferred version of  Kaeshi Kata, there are at least 4 other recognised variations  

  • Whilst all Kaeshi-katas contain similar techniques some counters are different, or in a different order and some versions maybe confused with Go-No-Sen.
  • Judoka should be aware that different Sensei’s will be familiar with different formats; for grading purposes Sensei will accept a judoka’s preferred variation.
  • Candidates for grading should show they are aware of  different versions of kaeshi-kata.

Attacks and defenses must be ‘real’, neither tori nor uki should just ‘go through the motions.’ Techniques should not be forced, Uki should be in the right place at the right time for the technique to be effective.


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