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All views expressed on this and the associated pages (more recent essays) are the personal thoughts of judoka for which Blackwater Judo Club takes no responsibility for accuracy or authenticity.

Judo Ron (Japanese Philosophy)

Martial Arts and Philosophy by John Pegram (2007)

The Essence of Judo (Seiryoku Zenyo) – Lee Palmer 2010


General Ideas on Club Training (see also Etiquette and Training)

What is Randori? by Sandra Walker (2007)

Mokuso at Blackwater Judo Club by Sandra Walker (2008)

Teaching Judo and Dyspraxia by Lorraine Hewes (2009)

Dyspraxia is reported as affecting 1 in 10 children. Instructors might find that by considering how their teaching methods could be modified to make it easier for dyspaxic children to learn judo that all their students, both juniors and seniors might benefit.

Simple Lessons to supplement practical Judo Training – Lee Palmer (2010)

What makes a good coachLee Palmer (2010)

Lee Palmer‘s Suggestions for making training fun (2010) –

Judo Histories

Two Short Histories of British Judo by Sandra Walker (2009)

History of Judo by Lorraine Hewes (2008)

Lynda’s History of Judo -2009 by Lynda Morris (2009)

A Personal View of Judo for the over 40’s by Lee Palmer (2009)

Alex’s History of Judo by Alex Mashadi (2010)

Robert’s History of Judo by Robert Mashadi (2011)

Sophia’s History of  Judo by Sophia Mashadi (2010)

A History of Judo by Simon Carter (2012)

Judo in Britain By Barney Britton  (2013)

Geoff’s History of Judo by Geoff Skewes (2013)


Thoughts On Bullying (for further thoughts visit our health and safety page or newer essays)

Bullying by Michael Kelly (2008)

Bullying in Sport by Lorraine Hewes (2008)

Lynda’s Essay on Bullying -2009 by Lynda Morris (2009)

Bullying and Harassment by Lee Palmer (2009)

Sam’s Thoughts on Bullying by Sam Harrington (2010)

Why do People Bully?Alex Mashadi (2010)

Robert’s Essay on Bullying  Robert Mashadi (2011)

BULLYING, Simon Carter (2012)

Emily’s View of Bullying Emily Morris (2013)

Personal Observations on the Subject of Bullying by Barney Britton (2013)



Thoughts on Child Protection

Guidelines of the Foundation Class Sam Harrington (2012)


 Handling Pain ( click here for the following and more recent contributions)

Injuries and Pain at Judo by Lorraine Hewes (2008)

Alex on caring for Young Judoka who are complaining of feeling unwell by Alex Mashadi (2011)

When Can Pain Be Ignored by Micheal Kelly (2013)

Exercise Should Not Cause Pain by Barney Britton (2013)


Discussions on Judo Grading Systems (Click here to read the following and more recent essays)

Blackwater Obi (Your belt) by Sandra Walker (2008)

Lorraine’s Essay on Grading at Blackwater JC 2008 by Lorraine Hewes (2009)

Alex’s essay on AEJF and Foundation  Gradings (as it was in 2011) by Alex Mashadi (2011)

Information on the 2012 Foundation Class –  by Sam Harrington (2012)


Barney’s Brief History of Judo Belts by Barney Britton (2013)




Is There a Difference Between Junior and Senior Judo?

How does junior Judo differ from senior judoLee Palmer (2010)


Considering the Effects of Pain killers,  Caffeine and Nicotine on Judoka’s training

Caffeine, Nicotine and Analgesics – Lee Palmer (2010)




Jigaro Kano (1860-1938) – The Founder of Kodokan Judo

Gunji Koizumi (1885 – 1965) In 1948, the First President of the British Judo Association

Masutaro O’Tani (1896 – 1977) – President of the British Judo Council


Bill Wood (1930-2006)- In all respects an all-round Champion of British Judo

Ted Jackson (d.2009)

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