Newaza, TMK and Recording (adults)

July 19, 2014 @ 08:00 – 09:30
West Maldon Community Centre,

Take 2 – please ask Sensei John or Sandra if none of the following makes sense
TMK and Recording are important skills for all Senior Judoka above Green belt.

Saturday July 19th will give adults a chance to focus on TMK and recording skills – if you turn up at 9:30 then you will have the opportunity to do some newaza shiai or free-practise kata

* 9:00 to 9:25Theory course for Timekeepers and Recorders – this will focus on the use of ‘koka boards and stop watches’ for newaza shiai and also the ‘recording of results’ on pool sheets
9:30 to 10:30 will be a practical opportunity to act as table officials for Newaza Shiai. Those who need to get their licences signed up for table officials skills must ensure they take this opportunity to gain experience.

We will need Senior Dan Grades to do some refereeing and some judoka to act as competitorsthere maybe an opportunity for some Juniors to be invited to take part but this will have to depend on the demand from adults.

SO I NEED TO KNOW WHO WILL BE THERE AT 9:00 and in what capacity.

Subsequent events will be organised for non-judoka, junior judoka table officials and higher grades requiring to work on their refereeing skills.
TMK and Recording are esssential skills for all Judoka above Green belt. Seniors grading to 2nd Kyus  are advised to have at least Novice TMK signed off and 1st Kyus should have at least  Novice Recorder (and TMK) signed off – I am sure Dan grades who missed out on the opportunity to gain Mat Official Skills as lower grades will confirm that these skills are better gained sooner than later!