Junior Gradings, no general training

March 19, 2016 @ 10:00 – 13:30
West maldon Community Centre

Judo licences and folders (showing evidence of previous grading performance, where applicable)  must be brought.

Blue belts and above – are required to show kata and produce written work – this is required by march 12th.

If any judoka has a genuine reason for not being able to grade on this day Sensei must be notified. An Alternative date may be possible (TBC)

Blackwater’s gradings are held every 6 months. Judoka should always work hard in anticipation of grading but there are a variety of reasons why a judoka may chose not to grade (especially higher level students may prefer to work at their current grade for longer). If you are unsure speak to one of the Senior Sensei’s.

Higher grade juniors are expected to help out at this event.