MO, Techniques and Competitions

A two hour session for judoka and non-judoka, for just £1.00 (less than the price of a cup of coffee).

Judoka can choose

  • to practice syllabus techniques and how they can be modified for shiai
  • or refine, revalidate or start to learn mat officials (refereeing, recording or TMK ) skills
  • senior judoka can chose to get coaching experience
  • can discuss, practice, revalidate your refereeing, recording or TMK skills.

Non-judoka can discuss, practice, revalidate your recording or TMK skills.

The first hour will be practical training and/or discussion based, then there will be a ‘shiai fun’ session for everyone present to put into practice what they have been learning.

This is an essential course for all Black belts and 1st kyus, your opportunity towards validation of your MO certificates.

This is your opportunity to help build Blackwater JC.