Blackwater Club Grading

If you have any queries about whether or not you should be grading please speak to Sensei John Pegram.

If for any reason you wish to be considered for promotion but are unable to attend on April 14 please speak to Sensei

The Junior Section grading will be held at Blackwater Leisure Centre

  • Foundation judoka – should be ready to start at 9:30
  • Junior judoka – should be ready to start at 10:30

Junior syllabus

Judoka must show proper etiquette from the time they enter the dojo, they must be ready when called, be wearing a clean judo-gi, have short finger and toe nails, hair secured properly etc.

DON’T PANIC!  Your Sensei’s will make allowance for grading nerves but not poor behaviour.

On this occasion Seniors will be graded in club on Saturday 13th April, but please let Sensei know if you are intending to grade by Saturday 6th April at the latest

Senior syllabus


If you intend to try for a Dan Grade it is important that you speak to Sensei about when you need to complete specific elements. Because of the nature of a Dan grading those hoping to be promoted may be graded over several sessions.

Dan grade syllabus