2013 Blackwater Syllabus

To members of the Blackwater Judo Club (Maldon),

the 2013 grading syllabus has now been ratified by the club Working Party Committee as part of their responsibility since we went Independant this year 2013. Details can be found on the club website under the “Members” section and I would seriously suggest you look at it and print off a copy. Shortly the translation for each technique will be added for assistance especially for our younger members.

It is a major deviation from the previous syllabus and should be looked upon as “what happened in the past happened in the past, we all look forward to the future”.

For our young low grade Judoka, do not overly concern yourself as at the gradings you will be encouraged with each technique. However from Orange belt and above you must study and understand what you must demonstrate.

Where possible I will bring into the grading a senior Sensei from another club to act as an impartial judge. This will be a mandatory requirement for myself to act upon for Dan grades.

I am sure there will be some concerns with the grading path but we must all adopt to change.

If you have any any questions, issues or concerns please let me know and I will do my best to try and resolve them where ever possible.

John Pegram 6th Dan

Club Sensei