As of January 1st 2013, Blackwater Judo Club (Maldon) became an Independent Judo Club. We took this decision following consultation with club judoka, parents and friends as we believed this would give us greater freedom to follow a pathway of judo that is best suited to the needs of our judoka.

It was not an easy decision to make as with independence comes greater responsibility. However we hope our friends in the judo community will support us and together we can follow the path envisioned by Jigaro Kano for judo in the community.

Our students are encouraged to focus on the style of judo that suits them best. For some that will be competitive judo, others prefer the personal physical and/or mental challenges of judo without the need for medal glory, some just enjoy the social contact that belonging to a judo club gives them.

As we move into the new year as Sensei’s we will be there for our students, all we ask is that our judokas help make 2013 a Happy Year.