Eastern Region Ne-waza Event

All England Judo Federation

Eastern Region

Sunday July 8th 2012

Ne-waza Event – Open to all AEJF members.

Time : 10 a.m. till 1.00 p.m. 

Venue  :Blackwater Leisure Centre, Park Drive, Maldon, Essex  CM9 5UR  (01621 851898)

10.00 – 11.30 (ish)

Mat ISensei Kate Dawson 4th Danwill be teaching NE-WAZA TECHNIQUES suitable for Juniors below Green belt. Higher grade juniors and lower grade seniors are welcome to come on and learn or brush up their knowledge of osaekomi techniques. Also more experienced Seniors who are prepared to help the juniors practise what they have been taught will be more than welcome.

Mat 2Sensei John MacCarthy 5th Dan will be available for those judoka not on Kate’s mat (ie higher junior grades and any seniors not helping to teach on Kate’s Session). This session will break at 11.15 (ish) so you can have a coffee!


11.30 to 1.00 (ish)

Mat 1Sensei John MacCarthy 5th Dan will be teaching ADVANCED NE-WAZA TECHNIQUES suitable for all Seniors and Junior Green belts and above. (Juniors under green belt can stay on BUT they must have their Sensei’s permission and be under the supervision of one of their club’s senior judoka as John’s techniques will include shime and kansetsu-waza).

Mat 2 – (will start at 11.45) – Junior ne-waza competition/randori and/or games for those who took part in Sensei Kate’s session. Supervised by Sensei Sandra Walker (any assistance appreciated!). Format depends on how many judoka want to play.

Fees:   Juniors who only attend 1st session – £3.00

Juniors and seniors who attend from 10 to 1.00 – £5.00

  • AEJF Licenses must be brought (for insurances purposes – no license no participation)
  • It would be really appreciated if Sensei’s could email me by July 1st with a rough guide as to how many judoka intend to come along – ideally a break down between Juniors under Green and any others.

Queries to  Sandra Walker – sawalker2000@hotmail.com 0r 01621 892607