Wheel chair appeal success

21st January 2010

Lorraine Hewes




Dear John Pegram,

 I am writing to express my thanks and gratitude to you all for your outstanding support.  Recently, I approached the members of Blackwater  Judo Club and requested for individual’s to collect plastic milk bottle lids, in order to support a young lady with physical disabilities that requires a wheelchair to be built to specification for her individual needs.  The goal was to collect the girl’s body weight in milk bottle lids in order for a company to provide the funds required for the wheelchair to be built.

 As a result of your commitment and dedication to this cause, we have raised so many milk bottle lids that the young lady, and a young man in the same position are both now having wheelchairs designed and built to specification and this will enhance their quality of life and independence.

 It is because of supportive, committed caring community clubs like yourselves, that miracles such as this can take place.  I thank you all for your dedication and wish you every success in future ventures you make impact upon.

 With sincere thanks,

 Lorraine Hewes