AEJF National Grading 11-10-09

All England Judo Federation

National Grading Results

11th October 2009

Congratulations to those members of Blackwater Judo Club who attended the National Grading at Mersea Island Judo Club on Sunday 11th October 2009. A big thank you must also go to those helpers from the club that made the event so successful.

A very special well done must go to Joshua Harrington with his Nage no Kata scoring 96% helped by his Uki Leanne Taylor credited for her good skills. This is a splendid result seeing as Joshua and Leanne only partnered up the day before !!

Another huge well done goes to Joe Hazell-Young for his contest skills defeating all Kyu grades in his pool including one twice his size.


Leanne Taylor      : High Brown

Julian Gore            : Lower Brown

Joe Hazell-Young: Blue

Joshua Harrington : Green + 1 Black

George Morgan     : Green + 2 Brown

Roxanne Mashadi: Green + 1 Brown

Dominic Gore        : Green + 1 Blue