Sponsored Throw for Throw

You should all have received your sponsor forms to raise money for the Essex Air Ambulance, if not speak to Sensei John or Lee.  Help us to present a cheque for over £1,000 to this charity.

So long as you have raised more than £5.00 in sponsorship money this event is FREE to enter, and the winning pair in each category will receive a medal.

So get practising with your favourite techniques and your favourite partner.
SPECIAL UPDATE: I am very happy to announce the club raised £1,000 as direct monies from donations and sponsors plus Essex Air Ambulance will be able to claim an additional 29% (£290) back from the Government by you all taking the time to fill out official sponsorship forms.

We will be arranging for a representative of Essex Air Ambulance to visit the club hopefully this time on a Thursday evening once the school summer break is over, to present them with the original cheque.

Congratulations and thak you to everyone.