Blackwater Judo Club scores Gold

On Sunday 16th September the Blackwater Judo Club (Maldon) took part in the annual Park Lodge Judo Club Newaza (groundwork) competition at North Weald. The event attended by around 70-students of all levels and in the usual manner; the competition was extremely friendly and very well organised.

A big well done to 6-year old Kyle Palmer from the club as this was his first ever competition and he achieved a bronze in his weight category.

The host of the competition also gave special mention to Leanne Taylor for her magnificent achievement of 3-golds; own category, mixed boys, girls, and a special group where she beat a competitor twice her own weight. Also volunteering to take part in special groups was Aaron Vincent, Luke Vincent and Darryl Holloway. Daryl also took a gold when he won the Open Competition.

The result gave an impressive 8-Gold, 9-Silver and 7-Bronze.

Gold medallists Leanne Taylor (3), George Morgan, Darryl Holloway (2), Anna Pearse, Jack Pearse.

Silvers medallists: Amye Rowham, Aaron Vincent, Luke Vincent, Darryl Holloway, Claire Pearse, Jack Pearse, Liam West, Luke Lentell, Catherine O’Connor.  

Bronze medallists: Aaron Vincent, Luke Vincent, George Morgan, Kyle Palmer, Lewis Cross, Mathew O’Connor, George Perkins.

Finally a big club thank you to Geoff, Jane and Bob for their help at the event.

For further information on the event or details of the Blackwater Judo Club (Maldon), contact John Pegram Club Sensei on 07966-824496