Blackwater Judo Club National Grading success

On Sunday 7th May 2006, the Blackwater Judo Club (Maldon) took part in the All England Judo Federation National Training Course and grading in Rainham Essex.

The event was very well attended with an intense Judo Training course run by the National Judo Coach. As well as the Judo training, Sensei George Hedges 8th Dan Karate was the guest visitor who showed how Karate and Judo can be used as one giving the students the chance to develop their skills across two Martial Arts.

The National Grading of selected Judokas of which the majority was from the Maldon Club followed this. Each student had to prove to the grading panel their understanding of each technique and for some to perform Kata, which is made up of many techniques shown as one series of free, flowing moves.

Once again the club showed the hard work over the previous months had proved invaluable with the following results:


Karl Wolf: Blue

Francis Hammond: Blue

Julian Gore: Green


Joshua Harrington: Green,

Thomas Harrington: Green + 3blue mons,

Aaron Vincent: Blue belt,

Darryl Holloway: Green + 2blue mons,

Luke Vincent: Blue,

Leanne Taylor: Green,

Sarah Kersey: Green,

Jacob Ellis: Blue.

The highlight of the grading was Ryan Hurley who has been with the club for 6-years, achieved the pinnacle status of a Junior of Black belt by demonstrating 48 different techniques plus 2- Kata’s.

I would like to also say a special thanks to Sandra Walker 4th Dan, Carole Walpole and Geoff Skewes for their able assistance during the grading session.